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Audit & consultancy

Be as close as possible to new technologies to increase your visibility and increase your sales.
But also audit your company in relation to GDPR compliance.

Advice, creation and implementation of your communication objectives to develop
your digital identity.

Audit RGPD

The DPO is above all a conductor capable of coordinating the actions of your various departments by helping them to achieve their objectives while remaining compliant with regulations. As such, we can carry out the audit within your company.
Some examples of our tasks:

  • Audit and control the correct application of the regulations.
  • Establish the drafting of procedures for respecting the rights of citizens.
  • Drafting your company's internal and external data protection policies.
  • Check the DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment).
  • Is systematically consulted in the obligation of “privacy by design”.
  • Is consulted in the event of a data breach (leaks, etc.).
  • Advise on the implementation of the new T&Cs, T&Cs and Privacy Charter for your website.

Audit et consultance


My strengths: a mastery of my craft and technology, a sense of aesthetics, experience but above all tools to allow you to restart after this pandemic.

  • Training and Coaching
  • Optimization of the commercial organization.
  • Improved sales support tools.
  • Alignment between marketing and sales.
  • Digital optimization

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