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Logo & graphic charter

Corporate identity


On your t-shirts, vehicles, corporate documents and even as below, as a video intro.


It is your visual identity.

A logo is an essential tool if not mandatory for corporate communication. It allows you to give a concrete existence on the market and to attest to your professionalism, your expertise, your know-how. Visual identity is essential for a company. Think of companies such as Nike, Apple, Microsoft and BMW: their logos have gained such notoriety that they stand on their own.


Be directly identifiable.

Beyond being a symbol with simple and recognizable shapes, it is actually a visual synthesis that emanates from in-depth reflection, rigorously developed to allow you to be identified and recognized by your customers. It must have a strong impact on your consumers, be an advertising force on its own and be universally applicable on any communication medium.


We help you.

As communication professionals, our job is to give you the best advice on these choices by guiding you on strategic colors, suitable graphic styles and shapes that combine both meaning and originality. Creation or redesign of logo, visual identity, graphic charter, we mobilize for all types of projects!


Some examples

A logo cannot do everything alone at the heart of your visual communication. Just as a beautiful house needs a pretty garden to enhance a property as a whole, your logo needs an attractive and coherent graphic universe to enhance your communication.

Si vous désirez des images, contactez-nous car celles-ci ne sont pas libres de droits.