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The user is at the heart of each of our services. By focusing on a better user experience, you will increase your turnover

The user at the center

An adapted user experience

UX design (“User Experience” design) is a user-centric design approach that must be thought through and anticipated. It applies wonderfully in an interactive world such as digital, where one of the most complicated challenges is to offer an ergonomic service that will respond to a useful problem for users.


Digital Agency


Our digital agency supports you in the implementation of UX tools and a collaborative work approach: design of experience diagrams (user flows, flow charts, user journeys, etc.) allowing a contextualization of the service in question, co-design workshops to produce and test new design ideas, prototyping and user testing.

UX Services Offered:

Design Thinking Workshop

We conduct Design Thinking workshops with you and your teams, in order to creatively solve a problem. As designers of digital experiences and innovations, we mobilize design approaches to propose new ideas and design new innovative services.


We develop prototypes adapted to the technological context of each project (applications, site or web platforms). These reflect the user journeys, visual interfaces and interactions conceptualized during our previous interventions.

User testing

In order to validate the assumptions made during the ideation and design phases, it is necessary to conduct user tests of the prototypes (service or products) with a sample of representative targets.

UX Design

We place users at the heart of our work and offer a complete UX methodology (persona, production of prototypes, user tests, etc.), in order to design the best possible user experiences.

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