Professional website hosting

Professional website hosting

Official Ionos Partner

Having signed an official partner contract with one of the world leaders in web hosting, allows us to obtain competitive prices, but above all to offer various reliable and efficient hosting formulas.

We also have various tools for monitoring our websites via a web interface, but also via a mobile application on gsm. We have our own CRM, update system, etc.

Ionos partenaire officiel



Shared servers

for SMEs/SMIs

Shared hosting is an Internet hosting mode intended primarily for websites, in a technical environment whose main characteristic is to be shared by several users. This architecture is suitable for large sites with low or medium audiences, only occasionally requiring the resources of the computer server(s) providing the hosting (processor, RAM, disk space, speed). The administration of these is provided by ionos, but the creation and management of content, file transfers are provided by us.

platforme-ionos - hébergements de sites internet
Hosting in Europe

Optimized platform at Ionos

Your website has a hosting platform running on PHP, specially optimized for WordPress with guaranteed 2 GB of RAM and 360 Gbit/s connectivity.

Your web space and databases are stored on SSD, giving you up to 50% higher performance for your website. Your pages therefore load faster, and faster loading times contribute to better positioning on search engines.

Data center in 5 countries

A data center or data center is a physical site grouping computer facilities (servers, hard disk racks, etc.) responsible for storing and distributing data.

Servers in operation

The invention and launch of mass web hosting, combined with years of experience assembling custom servers, ensures you have a reliable provider.

Customer contracts

As a leader in hosting, Ionos has more than 8,000,000 contracts since their start in 1988. A sign of durability for your site and your data.



Dedicated servers


With dedicated hosting, an entire server is allocated to you. You don’t share your computing power or bandwidth with other users, so you don’t have to compete for resources. This gives you excellent performance for your projects, even during peak traffic.

Advanced security with SiteLock and Wildcard SSL certificate
SiteLock provides enhanced protection against malware, vulnerabilities, and other online threats. In addition, the Wildcard SSL certificate reassures your visitors about the reliability and security of your website.


Data centers & infrastructure

As an official partner of one of the world’s largest hosts, we rely on an efficient and reliable infrastructure.

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