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Customer management

ERP / CRM Dolibarr

an integrated management software and open source customer relationship management for companies of all sizes, from SMEs to large groups but also for the self-employed,
auto-entrepreneurs or associations.

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We help you

Because if the software is free, it is complex to install and configure.

Whatever your needs (customer relations, sales, human resources, logistics, stock, invoicing, accounting, manufacturing, marketing, foundation management, surveys, ...), we can configure the application to match your needs. business.


An analysis of your needs and your work methodology

Implementing this type of software is an important task. The first thing is to analyze your needs, the number of users, your work methodology. Analyze the duration and the needs in order to be able to accurately quantify the costs of a high-performance digital solution.

For reference:
Created in 2003 in France, the Dolibarr software is an open source software intended for the commercial management of a company. Since its creation, Dolibarr has continued to evolve: it is now supported by a strong community, mainly in France, but also abroad.
Personally, we have been using Dolibarr internally for the management of our agency for more than 9 years.

Your advantages

After Covid19

The covid19 epidemic has radically changed working methods. Taking the digital route via outsourced customer management offers you many advantages: Optimization of infrastructure costs, reduction of IT costs, possibility of managing your business remotely but also commercial monitoring from anywhere in the world.

Multi-language and multi-currency, it makes it possible to enter and collect the essential data of a company, by following its commercial activity as closely as possible, in a sustainable and homogeneous way. Very simply, you will therefore be able to manage your customer/prospect/supplier file, create quotes, convert them into orders and then into invoices. You can also follow your projects, and the activity of your staff.


Dolibarr ERP/CRM Open Source

DOLIBARR is a powerful management tool that covers all the needs of professionals: VSEs, SMEs, self-employed, auto-entrepreneurs, associations...

In addition to the fact that it is free, DOLIBARR stands out from its competitors (EBP, Ciel, etc.) by its ease of use thanks to an intuitive modular operation (only the modules that are useful to you are activated). Its simplified interface allows the user to get started quickly.

Like any free software, DOLIBARR is constantly improving and in perpetual transformation thanks to a very large community of users and developers. New modules and new features are added regularly, based on the requests and needs of users around the world.

DOLIBARR is compatible with any computer (PC any brand, Windows, Linux…).
It is installed online (on a server or a cloud). It is thus accessible remotely from any computer connected to the Internet (in your company’s premises, at your home, on the road thanks to your smartphone, etc.).

We offer you adapted turnkey solutions and tailor-made packages for the implementation of DOLIBARR in your company.
We can also train your employees.

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